“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
~ George Eliot.


As with individual coaching clients, Suzanne Levy’s group programs are based in positive psychology principles and the belief that we all have the capacity to evolve – to grow, change, and fulfill our potential – and her workshops are a powerful means of doing that in a group setting.  Groups offer members a highly connected and inspiring environment, encouraging learning and community with others.  Supportive relationships offer wisdom and accountability.  Involvement with others who are moving ahead with their goals can be stimulating and energizing, providing additional momentum for each participant.

Suzanne offers group sessions and workshops throughout the year, covering a variety of topics to assist and support you in getting laser-focused on your objectives. All programs are client-centered and designed to support participants in developing peak health, improved energy and engagement, a more positive and confident mindset, and greater alignment with their goals and dreams. Don’t let location stop you – group sessions are offered online, by conference call, via Zoom, and in-person at pre-scheduled times. To receive notifications when group programs are starting, please join our community here.



This consultation will help you decide if one of Suzanne’s groups or workshops might be a good fit for you. Suzanne is committed to helping you discover what will move you forward to reach your goals and be in peak condition to thrive in every area of life, personally and professionally. Please contact Suzanne to set up your free consultation.

EVERGREEN LIFE AND LIVING – An Ongoing Wellness and Lifestyle Community

The philosophy and mission of Evergreen Life & Living is simple.

  • You can’t do your best unless you are at your best – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • We support each other through learning, insights, encouragement and accountability.
  • We move toward our own version of our best selves with grace and a positive, confident spirit.

Become a member today and receive:

  • Two 1-hour group coaching calls a month. Topics will include nutrition, exercise, mindset, healthy sleep, and healthy environment, among others. (All calls are recorded in case you are unable to attend live.) You can call in from anywhere in the world!
  • Handouts and worksheets to support your learning.
  • A private members’ only Facebook page.
  • A weekly accountability sheet delivered to your inbox every Friday morning to help you stay on track.
  • A one time private 30-minute Discovery Session coaching call to get you started off right.
  • The gift of investing in yourself and your well-being!

The investment for this program is only $49.00 monthly. There is no commitment and you may cancel at any time.

Wondering if this is for you? Feel free to email Suzanne.
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ASPEN VIP GROUP 180 – Our Premier Program for Peak Well-being and Peak Performance

Ideal for Female Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Career Initiative, Career Change. Outcome goals: Evidence based practices to improve clients’ health and well-being, productivity and their bottom line. Note: This is a program for individuals that is engagement-based and requires a minimum 6 week commitment. Contact Suzanne to discuss your needs.


12-Week Group Intensive up to 8 participants. Outcome goals: Greater well-being, more energy, alignment, engagement, confidence, productivity, measurable leadership skills, accountability, feedback.


Three 50-minute sessions to support you in designing your own Individualized Wellness Plan to start you on the road to feeling and looking your best. 


Change and growth are a process, even after you’ve redesigned your life. Suzanne offers 1-hour maintenance sessions for those times when you need additional support.


Change can be challenging. Group coaching and workshops offer a facilitated ongoing experience that can bring a sense of connection, community and additional support with other individuals in the group. Hearing from others how they are dealing with similar challenges offers opportunities for greater awareness, insight and strategies for how to deal with our own. Being in a group with others who are like-minded can produce new associations and relationships, both personally and professionally, outside the group.

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