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I am consistently astonished by Suzanne’s ability to listen to a brief description of a challenge or problem and cut right to the heart of the matter. Suzanne’s coaching style is simultaneously empathetic and pragmatic. It doesn’t matter whether the subject matter is professional or personal; practical or emotional, Suzanne “gets it” and responds with questions and strategies that open up new perspectives and opportunities. No matter how much time I have invested in a goal or objective, a session with Suzanne always leaves me with new ideas and inspiration. If you’re considering working with a life coach, you couldn’t find a better resource.

Zahava Savory – Concord, MA

Suzanne’s “Discovering Your Strengths” class was one of the best and most practical classes I’ve ever taken….and I’ve taken a lot of classes.

Rita Emmer – Evergreen, CO

Suzanne is truly a gifted coach. Through listening intently to what I was saying (and not saying) she identified areas where my progress was blocked. Using her intuition and asking insightful questions, she helped me create awareness around these areas. She helped me to look at my situation in a different light, and craft a personalized path to success based on my strengths and values. Thanks to Suzanne I am living a more mindful and holistically fulfilling life.

Tammi M. Cook – www.tammicook.com

I would recommend Suzanne Levy to anyone who wants to improve their life with the assistance of a life coach. Suzanne’s professionalism, sensitivity, ability to listen and assess the overall situation, identify blocks, and devise a workable and successful plan of action makes working with her a life changing experience.

Margaret Dane, Ccht, IYN Yoga Elder – London, UK – www.sayyoga.com.uk