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Build better sleep, food, mood and exercise
habits for optimal wellbeing and performance.

Evergreen [adjective]: Something that remains perennially fresh, or interesting, something enduring; timeless


  • Are you looking to improve your health but find your motivation is sorely lacking?
  • Are you tired of setting fitness goals yet being held back by indecision and old eating habits?
  • Have you had success on and off but never find it lasting?
  • Are you often tired and lacking in energy?
  • Are you fed up with the never ending struggle of trying to find time in your busy day to work-out?

If your answer is “YES,” pay close attention!

It’s time for a bold change. And if you’re ready, if you’re willing to commit, this program is for you!

I understand and I get it. I’ve been there.

With all of the pressures of modern life – work, finances, family – it can be difficult to take care of yourself properly. By the time you’re done with work and daily life – shopping, errands, driving the kids (or maybe your aging parent), there doesn’t seem to be time left for yourself. So you grab what’s easy for dinner and put off exercising for another day.

So – How do you get started living a wellness lifestyle? How do you start sleeping and eating better? How can you prioritize exercise? What can you do to improve your mood? What can you do to improve your body? What can you do to live with nature and the environment?

That’s where this class comes in. This 6-week, self-paced online class will help you develop better sleep, food, mood, and exercise habits so that you can be, feel, and look at the top of your game.

  • This online class builds the foundation of your wellness lifestyle. As you complete each week, you will begin to sleep better, and improve how and what you eat, your mindset, and exercise.
  • This isn’t about a diet, or a quick fix. This is about a lifestyle – a wellness lifestyle.

It’s not about health; it’s about life transformation; it’s about evergreen wellness – a wellness lifestyle that is lasting!

Suzanne LevyBecause – here’s the deal – wellness is a lifestyle. The only question is you – are you ready to commit?

Most plans for fitness or wellness focus on either nutrition and/or exercise. So far, so good, but there’s more to the story. The most important way to improve and maintain your health and fitness goals lies in improving personal habits, your health skills. And those habits include: sleep, managing stress levels and energy, and your attitude and mindset. If you’re not addressing all 4 components of a wellness lifestyle – sleep, food, mood and exercise – you’re not setting yourself up for success. This is where this program comes in:

You will come away knowing how to:

  • Control your food cravings and enjoy healthier foods
  • Be fit and strong, in great shape even if you can’t spend 10 hours a week in a gym
  • Sleep soundly each night and wake up refreshed and ready for the day
  • Manage your stress levels, and snap back after setbacks
  • Be a more energetic, optimistic, and engaging version of yourself

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It’s no secret that many individuals in our society don’t take good care of themselves. They eat too much of the wrong foods and don’t get enough (or any!) exercise. They aren’t getting enough sleep, which in turn affects judgment and performance. They are more stressed than ever, which lends itself to irritability and moodiness. For the last 4 or 5 decades, between 60% and 90% of all doctor visits have been stress-related and depression and burnout are widespread.

The healthier you are, the better you live!

Let’s go through the ins and outs of this 6-week life-changing online class:

dreamstime_xs_6553299Week 1: It’s all about your “inner-self”

The biggest struggle when it comes to getting in shape is the wall you’ve erected in your mind. The first week is devoted to helping you build a strong mindset – discovering the strengths that you can build on, and defining your personal goals for the weeks to come.

Week 2: Sleep tight tonight

This week will show you the real secrets to improving your sleep patterns and habits. Just imagine waking up refreshed, full of energy – ready to go and start your day with a confident, positive mindset.

Week 3: Feel good about what you eat

In this week, you’ll discover ways to implement the keys to smart choices when it comes to healthy eating. The best part is that it only requires a few minutes of your time every day. You’ll learn how to make small changes that will add up over time to new and improved nutritional habits.

Week 4: Relax and thrive

By now, you’re on your way to a truly healthy lifestyle. True wellbeing, though, is about much more than eating well and exercising. In this week, you’ll discover how to tap into your ability to flourish – to live a life filled with positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

Week 5: Bring sexy back!

This week is all about you – looking and feeling great! You’ll discover how to incorporate exercise into your life your way, so that you’ll live longer, look younger, feel great, have more energy, and stay slender. Who doesn’t want that?

Week 6: Long lasting results

Many programs can help you reach your health goals. The trick is in maintaining those gains! If the results were lasting, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now. This final week will empower you to move forward with the progress you’ve already made, by creating a personal accountability plan to help you stay on track and continue to move forward!

I’m not in the business of providing a onetime solution. I am here to motivate you, to empower you, and to give you the keys to live a wellness lifestyle. You must do the work, but know that I will be by your side throughout the course, offering support every step of the way. We will have three live coaching calls during the course where you can bring your questions or struggles and receive support, guidance and motivation. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

So – here’s that question again: Are you ready to commit?

It’s your choice. Ask yourself, where you will be a year or five years from now if you continue to do the same things. I believe that if you continue to do the same things you will continue to get the same results. If you move now to make a bold change – and you’re ready to commit – there’s no better time to become the healthy, energetic and thriving person you’re meant to be.

You deserve a great life! Get the ball rolling now…

This simple decision can change your life, so don’t wait!


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If you’re interested in scheduling this workshop for your group or workplace, please contact me directly at or call: 303-670-7863

Here’s What Previous Participants Said About
This 6-Week Online Course

I feel fortunate to have participated in two programs facilitated by Suzanne Levy in the past two years. The first, Discovering Your Strengths, was conducted online, and we met weekly to discuss progress. Class size was smaller, so we three participants received more “hands- on” instruction than in this class. It worked well, and laid groundwork for Food, Mood, Exercise and Sleep. (I was happy that DYS came up in the 1st lesson, as it allowed for a nice review of that course, and illustrated changes in my strengths over the past 24 months).

This course was more challenging, as its (fast) self- pace required a lot of discipline, in order to complete weekly work. One outstanding aspect of the lessons was the ability to choose among several options in each area we were trying to improve. (There was also an emphasis on the fact there was no ONE right way- whatever worked well for me was the best path). I valued Suzanne’s positive feedback for ALL participants, as we were each encountering different experiences in making changes in our habits, and meeting with various levels of success.

The two call-in sessions were helpful, as hearing others’ challenges made an impression on me– we were all trying to improve in these 4 areas of our lives. I strongly recommend “the Evergreen Wellness Workshop” for anyone ready to take action toward a happier, healthier life!

David Walsh – Denver, CO

The Evergreen Wellness Online Workshop was truly a growing experience. Suzanne provided an excellent framework for examining one’s thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes toward health. Focusing on sleep and eating habits,, mindset and mood, and exercise, participants gained insight into best practices. Embedded with a variety of weekly exercises, group calls and interactive response boards, those taking the course were able to get to know one another while holding each other accountable for growth. Anyone taking this course will come away with new skills and a deeper understanding of the choices they can make to improve their overall health.

Lin Browning – Evergreen, CO

I have been interested in making some life and health changes but kept getting side tracked because of how busy I am with work and family. The Evergreen Health and Wellness workshop worked beautifully for me because it is online, self-paced and crafted to be easily digestible and easy to follow. Every weekly exercise was on point and simple to implement, with options to see if one approach works better than another. The best part of the workshop was the inspiring discussion forums with prompt and targeted feedback from the wonderful and knowledgeable facilitator, Suzanne Levy. I took a lot away from the workshop and notice that even weeks later, I mention things I have learned in daily conversation. This is a great sign, because it means that the concepts learned such as the importance of exercise (and staying active even if you can’t go to the gym!) are sticking with me.

Suzanne, thank you so much for posts filled with encouragement and insight! It helped to have such positive guidance waiting for me every time I logged in! I would highly recommend this productive experience for anyone who wants to learn how to fit a healthy lifestyle into a busy work week!

Mia L. – Miami, FL

When I began this program, I was already doing a pretty good job with my health. But this workshop really gave me ideas about how to make things even better. I have a greater understanding of how sleep affects everything, and how to develop my ability to increase the quality of my sleep. I learned why it is important to mix up the type of exercise I do. I appreciate all I learned and thank you, Suzanne, and all of you in our Wellness community!

Mary Hunter – Boquete, Panama

I really appreciate the positive approach that you’ve kept up throughout the course. The activities have helped me see what I’m already doing well and to focus in on what I can improve, without an overwhelming “must fix it all” attitude. And the fact that working on one area of the compass boosts your performance in the others helps reinforce this positive approach.

T. – Canada

One of the big things I have discovered so far is that focusing on an area of health like sleep or food through the activities the class offers (with a lot of great feedback from the book’s authors I must add) really can raise awareness of unconscious habits that don’t work well any longer. Through better focus–mindfulness–I’m creating new habits that are already working better. So you CAN teach yourself–however old you are–new tricks!

L. – USA


Your Course Authors and Coachs

Suzanne LevySuzanne Levy is a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Wellness Coach, and received her training through the MentorCoach Coach Training Program, which emphasizes state-of-the-art coach training infused with the science of positive psychology. Suzanne’s approach includes her extensive training in the field of positive psychology which includes identifying and working with your inner “signature” strengths, and core values, thus enabling you to achieve greater levels of happiness. Greater levels of happiness, in turn, enable you to be more successful at fulfilling your goals, more resilient, and physically and mentally healthier. Suzanne is an Associate Certified Coach and member of the International Coach Federation, the leading globally recognized coaching organiation.
Marie-Josée Shaar is the owner of Smarts and Stamina, a company dedicated to helping corporate America increase their health, positivity and productivity. A Master of Applied Positive Psychology, she is also certified as a Personal Trainer, a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and as a Wellness Culture Coach. MJ has taught in various universities including McGill University (Canada), University of Pennsylvania (USA) and University of East London (UK). She has spent the last 14 years studying, testing, coaching, and teaching smart health habits, nationally and internationally.
Kathryn Britton is the associate editor of Positive Psychology News Daily. A professional coach, she has authored more than 70 articles and edited 2 books on applications of positive psychology to daily life. As a former software engineer, Kathryn is detail-oriented, yet creative and visionary at the same time. She also teaches positive workplace concepts to graduate students in project management at the University of Maryland.

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