Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah (or both) Happy Holidays! I hope you are enjoying being in the moment and experiencing the best of this time of year. With the season being in full swing, I thought of a few last-minute tips I rely on during those times when life starts to feel hectic. I hope you find them helpful, too!

• Breathe. Really, remember to breathe. Deep breathing is a serious antidote to stress. One of the first things that can happen when we are tense is that our breath becomes shallower, and more rapid. Our muscles tense up. Taking time for a few deep breaths can slow down your heart rate, help your muscles relax and help you feel more calm and centered.

• Take time out. Bundle up and go for a walk around the neighborhood, watch a movie with your kids or your spouse, or curl up with a good book for a while. This may seem counter-intuitive when we feel we have so much to do, but taking a break will reduce your sense of overwhelm and help you return feeling refreshed for the task at hand.

• Let go of perfect. A favorite mentor taught me this: Done is better than perfect. (Let that sink in for a minute.) It’s become one of my mantras. Feel free to steal it. • Ask for help. And don’t be shy! If you’re having people over, ask guests to bring a dessert or appetizer. Have your house cleaned. Delegate last-minute trips to the store to your spouse or teenager. Buy last minute gifts that come pre-wrapped for the holidays, or at shops that offer complimentary gift wrap.

• Now is not the time to let go of your healthy habits! You do get to splurge so enjoy the festivities, and do your best to keep the basics in place – your healthy food plan, regular exercise, adequate sleep. Your body and mind will thank you for it and you will go through the holidays feeling strong, energized and ready for a great new year!

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