At this time of year, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on what – and who – is really important to us. The holiday season is an extra-busy time for most of us and I hope that for you it is a wonderful time as well. It can be easy to get caught up in the “busy” and lose sight of the “wonderful,” but I hope that you are able during this time to stay in touch with what brings you true joy and meaning.

Recent research on happiness shows that happy people generally share common characteristics. Three of the main qualities shared by those of the happier among us are:

1. They are physically healthy and have healthy lifestyle habits;
2. They look for the positives in life; and,
3. They have rewarding and happy social ties – good marriages, trusting friendships, and good relationships at work and in their community.

Looking at these, it is apparent that – fortunately – these are all things that we as individuals can influence, to a greater or lesser degree. In looking at my own life, I know that the times I am at my best – and happiest – are when I am appreciating the rewards of all three. And even at those times when, say, we are not at our best in one area – perhaps sick in bed with the flu – I find that the attitudes I choose and the care of those around me, can go a long way towards improving how I feel.

So during this time of year, that is my wish for you – the rewards of good health, contentment, and fulfilling relationships with those you care about. In my book, there’s nothing better.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Holiday Season.

Coach’s action step: Have a wonderful and joyous holiday and take time to savor and appreciate what brings you true contentment.

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