An annual review includes more than just personal or career ambitions.  Ideally, all five elements of well-being – Career, Social, Physical, Financial and Community – are in sync.   These may range from your business goals for the year, to your resolve to spend more time with family on the weekends, to getting that monthly massage.   Altogether, your wellbeing forms a system which may or may not be working for you.

Here are some questions and some ideas to consider going forward into the new year.

•What did you enjoy most this past year?  What special event or memory stands out for you?

•What are you most grateful for?

•Did you accomplish/achieve something in your personal or business life that you are especially happy about?

•What did you do well?

•What would you like to improve on in the coming year?

•Are there any skills, habits, competencies you would like to develop in the coming year?

•What do you value most at this time in your life (time with family and friends, achievement in your business, financial success, personal wellbeing?)  Are your goals and actions consistent with your values?

•Consider your finances. Are you managing your finances wisely to serve your standard of living now and in the future, and to minimize day-to-day stress?  Managing your finances well contributes to an overall sense of well-being.

•Maybe most important of all, do you look forward to each new day?  Do you like what you do and who you do it with?  Are you enjoying your work?  Would you like to be more involved in your community?   What can you do to bring more of what you love into your life on a daily basis?

Coach’s action step:  Take some time to reflect on these questions and write out your answers.  Then ask yourself what your top 3 goals are for 2014. Write them down and put them where you will see them daily.  What is your greatest challenge?   What one commitment are you willing to make to move towards overcoming that challenge?  If you feel like it, post a comment on my blog or email me and share it – going public with a commitment is a great way to keep yourself accountable.

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