I’m big on bookmarking health and wellness websites and blogs I think I may want to refer to in the future. Every so often, I go through and delete whatever is no longer relevant for me for whatever reason. It occurred to me during one of these sessions that there are certain blogs I tend to refer to again and again, because the content is always fresh, relatable and valuable. Here are a few of my go-to sites:


This site does a great job of providing current information on trending topics from relationships, personal growth and spirituality to nutrition, fitness and body image. It’s got an eco-friendly section, a wealth of free videos on topics ranging from domestic violence to Crossfit to addiction. Alternative and traditional concepts offer something for everyone.


This site was created and is maintained by the students of Dr. William Dement. Dr. Dement is considered the world’s leading authority on the topic of sleep, and founded Stanford University’s Sleep Disorders Clinic and Research Center, the world’s first sleep disorders center. Anything and everything on how to be intentional about getting a good night’s sleep so that you can get out there and take on the world.


This site is sponsored by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing. It’s the most comprehensive site I’ve come across to date on alternative medicine, complementary therapies, and natural healthcare remedies and practices. Some, such as massage and meditation, are pretty much mainstream these days. Others, such as cupping, moxibustion, and tui na, might not be familiar at all. Here’s the place to explore the unfamiliar.


This newer site is exactly what the name suggests – all about healthy living. What I like about it is the design – it’s eye-catching, yet clean and user-friendly. Great information and articles on everything from the usual (food and fitness) to goals and performance and beauty and style. I particularly like the section titled, “Effortless Good Looks Take Some Effort.” How true.


This site grew out of the book of the same name. The book sub-title is: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond, which gives you an idea of the target audience, but it’s good advice at any age. It’s well-researched with up-to-date info on how to turn back our biological clock, and minimize many of the accepted difficulties of aging such as weakness and problems with balance, and remain functionally younger well into the golden years. Chris Crowley, one of the book’s authors, lends a companionable voice to the site as he did in the book.


Since I aspire to be minimalist someday, I included this site. Founder Courtney Carver describes it better than I could: “Be more with less is about simplifying your life and really living. Living with less creates time and space to discover what really matters. Through decluttering, and focusing on the best things instead of all the things, you can create a life with more savings and less debt, more health and less stress, more space and less stuff, and more joy with less obligation.” Like I said, I aspire to this. (I’m a work in progress, in case you’re wondering.) The site itself is lovely and peaceful. The FAQ’s on simple living are a good place to start.

Minimalism's peaceful feel.

Minimalism’s peaceful feel.

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