Here in Colorado, spring is in the air, that is, in between snowstorms!  We seem to be getting our fair share of those!   Since coming to live in the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver over 20 years ago, the one thing I will say about the weather here is that it’s never boring.  One of the first things I heard locals say when we moved to town was this:  “If you don’t like the weather here, stick around – it’ll change.”  Is that ever the truth.  In Denver this week it was 70 degrees and the lilacs were in bloom.  And the weekend?  A massive snowstorm.

In anticipation of spring weather which must be right around the corner, here are a few things that sound really good to me right about now.  Maybe one of them will resonate with you, too.  I offer them here to Welcome, uh….Spring!

  • Fresh produce is going to start turning up. Now’s the time to start bringing more fresh fruits and veggies into your meal planning.  Fresh fruit salad is a go-to for me this time of year.
  • While you’re in the produce section, why not try making a meal of delicious grilled vegetables. Asparagus, zucchini, squash, corn, mushrooms, eggplant – drizzle with olive oil, a little kosher salt and pepper, and serve with crusty wheat bread – you’re done!
  • Bring the garden indoors when it’s not so spring-like outdoors. Fresh flowers – tulips, daffodils,  your favorite spring mix – are a no-fail way to bring in some sunshine.
  • Open up the windows and let some of that spring breeze in. Diffuse an essential oil, such as  lemon or grapefruit,  to freshen the air even more.
  • While you’re at it, freshen up kitchen surfaces and countertops with a mixture of a few drops of lemon essential oil diluted in water in a spray bottle.
  • Buy some pretty floral note cards and send out a thank you to someone special. In this age of email and texting, a lovely handwritten card is especially welcome.
  • Spring is the time for planting seedlings. Try your hand at planting a vegetable or herb garden, depending on how much space you have.  Mostly anything can be started indoors if you want to get going earlier in the season.  Just be sure to time your seed starting so that the plants are at least four weeks old when it’s time to plant outside.  An herb garden can easily be accommodated on a kitchen windowsill, and fresh herbs are a delicious way to add flavor to your meals.
  • Plan your own spring break. If the days of spring break vacation with the family are behind you, you can still plan some time to take a break.   If there’s a nearby city or town you’ve always wanted to visit, spring is a perfect time for that.  Chances are the weather will be mild enough to get outdoors and explore away.
  • Eat at an outdoor café.
  • Now’s a good time to get your bike tuned up and ready to ride. If you’re lucky enough to have hiking trails or horseback riding nearby, either activity is easy to fit into a morning or afternoon for a couple hours.  Or try something entirely new – on your own or with company.
  • Switch up your tableware and place settings, or use a colorful tablecloth and napkins. A mix of spring flowers adds charm.

What’s energizing about spring is its newness – new growth, new life, the anticipation of warmer days ahead.   By capitalizing on that energy you bring it into your own life and the lives of those around you.  Happy spring!

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