Lots of people I know have been experimenting with different ways to get in workouts and stay fit during this time, and cycling is an awesome way to do that and get outside, too.  Depending on where you live, you can bike through most seasons, and there’s indoor options for when the weather turns.  Here’s the run down:

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  • Road Bikes.  Road bikes are built for performance which makes them ideal for exercise.  Adjusting your speed and regulating the gears provides an opportunity to make your workout easier or harder, depending on what you’re looking for.  
  • Mountain Bikes.  Unlike road bikes which are built for pavement, mountain bikes are built for off-road and trail biking.  They are more durable than road bikes, and have wider tires and more treads, both of which provide more traction on uneven terrain, and are designed to absorb shocks that you may encounter riding on a trail.
  • Indoor Cycling and Stationary Bikes.  The obvious benefit of indoor cycling is  that you can get your workout in regardless of what it looks like outside.  You will get the same benefits from indoor cycling – improved cardio and endurance, a stronger lower body, improved balance and coordination – that you would on an outdoor bike.  The list of options for indoor cycling is endless and too numerous to go into here.  You can choose from stationary bikes with limited bells and whistles, to something like a Peloton or Nordic Track Studio Cycle, both of which offer interactive training programs for a monthly subscription.  Because of the wide variety of indoor cycling options available, it’s important to first decide on how much you are willing to invest so that you can select from the price point that works for you.
  • Spin Classes.  If you’re ready to get back to the gym or wanting to mix it up, spin classes can be a great way to go.  Many gyms offer spin classes and there are studios that offer specific classes such as Soul Cycle and Flywheel.  Spin classes offer the energy of an instructor and a community, high energy music, a balanced choreographed workout, and the opportunity to get lost in the experience and have fun!

Aside from its numerous physical benefits, cycling can be a huge boost to mental health as it relieves stress and can help with depression and anxiety.  It’s a great way to get outdoors and spend time with family or friends, too.

We all need to stay active and take care of ourselves physically and mentally during these challenging times, and biking is an enjoyable and simple way to do that.  So have fun, be safe and get out there!

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Wishing you bright moments,

Suzanne xo

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