COVID-19 has sent all of us into a new reality.  You may be working from a home office for the first time, home schooling your children or working with your spouse or, like many, both.  We are all trying to navigate uncharted waters in our daily lives and often feel unprepared for the journey.  The world has changed almost overnight, and many of us are struggling to adapt. 

Managing everyday life requires adjusting to this “new normal,” and stretching ourselves and our schedules to fit.  In the middle of all this it’s easy to put ourselves and our well-being on the back burner at a time when taking care of ourselves is crucial.

If you’ve ever thought about working with a coach, there’s no better time to do it.  Coaching can help you navigate your days more smoothly, while keeping your long term plans and goals top of mind. It’s a valuable way for you to invest in your well-being now and in the future

Coaching can help you if:

  • Navigating current circumstances has left you feeling stressed and unsure of how to move ahead.
  • You are having difficulty maintaining self-confidence in the face of challenges. 
  • The rapid pace of change is challenging your ability to adjust.
  • You know you need to take good care of yourself, especially now, but can’t seem to stay on track with your wellness goals.
  • You are in a leadership position at home or at work and it’s important to you to support others and show up as your best self.
  • You are struggling with unhelpful thoughts and behaviors.

Because the pandemic has affected us in so many ways, I am offering a 4 or 6 session coaching package to new clients only to work with me for a reduced investment from now until the end of this year.  My packages include 50 minute sessions, assessments and supportive exercises in between sessions, as well as email support in between sessions.  

Schedule a complimentary coaching consultation by appointment today and let’s talk.  We’ll discuss what concerns you most, where you are now and where you want to go.  You can choose a package of individual sessions or select from several different coaching programs I offer.  You can schedule an appointment here:

I am committed to helping you through not only this period in time but making sustainable positive changes that carry you long into the future.  I’m looking forward to talking to you!

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