A conversation with a client I had recently has stuck with me.  He shared with me that he typically starts his day energized, hopeful, ready to go.  As the day goes on, though, he often finds himself dealing with problems, obstacles and distractions, all of which start to wear on him, draining his optimism and enthusiasm.  He was looking for strategies to help him regroup, get back on track and reset his day.  

Everyone faces a tough day now and then, and it’s easy to lose motivation and throw in the towel, chalk it up to having a “bad day.”  And then feel lousy because you didn’t accomplish what you wanted or let yourself get sidetracked.  

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There’s another way. You can actually reset your day or start your day over, no matter what’s going on or what time of day it is.  And it’s not that hard to do.  

How do you reset?  

The first, and maybe most important, element is not to give up or give yourself a hard time.  Everyone’s day goes off track at times, sometimes of our own doing and sometimes otherwise.  It doesn’t matter.  You can acknowledge what’s happening, be aware and own it, but what makes the difference is where you go from there.  

Here are some strategies:  

  • Change your scenery.  Get outside. If it’s a hectic day, even a short break outdoors can boost your mood.  It will change your energy and take your mind off of everything.
  • An old saying goes:  Don’t let yourself get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired.  Check in with yourself.  Are you experiencing any of these?  If you’re irritable or tired, what did you have to eat today?  Have you been pushing yourself hard?  Maybe you need a time out.  Are you feeling disconnected from others?  Call up a family member or good friend to catch up. Talking to a loved one can help shift you out of a bad mood.  
  • Practice deep breathing to calm yourself down and shift your mindset.  Inhale to a count of four, and exhale to a count of eight. This will slow down your mind and body and allow you to regain some perspective.
  • Get some perspective by writing down what’s going on so that you can  evaluate if these things are really that big a deal in the scheme of your overall life. 
  • Reading some inspiring words can change your attitude.
  • Give yourself some grace.  Everyone occasionally has bad days.  Consider how you can support yourself as you would a friend. 
  • Write down ten things you’re grateful for. Focusing on the good in your life can help shift your attitude.  
  • Vent!  If you have a good friend that can just listen for a few minutes, sometimes all you need is to get it out of your head! 
  • Some meditation apps have three or five minute stress-relievers.  Take advantage.

Sometimes all it takes is a decision to interrupt a downward spiral in your day by taking an action to change the energy to get you back on track.

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