We all have personal goals, intentions, and ambitions we would like to fulfil within our lives.  Robert Schuller once said, “It’s unfulfilled dreams that keep you alive.” There is a lot of truth in that because it is human nature to want to have things to look forward to and achieve.  So what’s a Life List and how can it help keep you on track with your vision and dreams for your life?  

A Life List is a bit different than a goals list.  A goals list is a targeted list of accomplishments that you want to achieve that are often accompanied by a time frame or deadline.  A Life List might include a list of accomplishments that you aspire to but it more broadly points to objectives or experiences that you hope to make a reality in your own life, and that are not necessarily attached to a time frame.  For example, see the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal or a show on Broadway might go on your list.

A Life List can help you identify and pinpoint those things that are most significant to you. It’s similar to a bucket list but the difference is that a bucket list identifies things you want to do before you die.  A Life List helps you to live in the present and clarify the desires you have now.  A bucket list focuses on the end of your life, whereas a Life List focuses on the present. 

Why is making a Life List important?  Many people don’t make Life Lists or lists in general for a variety of reasons.  They may feel they have everything covered and know exactly what they are doing and where they are heading. 

The difference in writing down your list is what it does to your brain. Think about all the information that has been stored in your brain over all the years. How can it decide what is important to you?  If your brain is scanning these millions of bits of information and comes across something you have written down, it is going to flag it as “important.”  Research shows that people who write their goals down are substantially more likely to achieve their objectives than people who don’t. 

Another reason to make a Life List is that it aids in grounding you and clearly identifying your objectives and the efforts you can make to make that scribbling on a paper become a reality. Your list is before you in black and white; you’ve made your vision concrete.  

What can you include in a Life List? There is no definite answer. Some examples: 

  • Living abroad for a year. 
  • Learning to scuba dive or surf.
  • Learning a foreign language. 
  • Remodeling your kitchen. 
  • Visiting the Arctic and seeing penguins in the wild.

This is just a general idea of the countless things that you can include in it. There is no limit to the number of things you can include; this is a time to be creative and use your imagination! Don’t limit yourself, even if one of your ideas seems far-fetched.  It’s only a list so this is for you!

Remember to make this list about YOU. This list is not about what others want or expect from you. It’s about your hopes and dreams and not of those around you.  You want to make sure you include what your heart wants you to do no matter how extraordinary and out of reach it may seem.

You can also choose to separate your list into different categories such as Health and Fitness, Professional, Financial, Personal Achievement, and so on.  This is for you so be creative and go for it.  

Before we part ways, let me tell you that your thoughts, well-being, and happiness matter a lot to me. I want to see you to excel in every phase of your life.   Don’t underestimate yourself.  You are unique and have the potential to soar high if you believe you can!

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