I’ve said many times that the term Wellness is a very big umbrella and there are many aspects of our life that fit under that umbrella. Our bodies and minds need to work together to function at our peak.

Most of us view wellness as referring to nutrition and exercise but it is truly so much more.  Without whole-being wellness we won’t be able to truly function at our best.  Healthy eating, exercise, good sleep, stress management are some of the most obvious, but there are others that impact our well-being in significant ways and that are vital for us to function at our very best.  Here’s a rundown:



Sleep and Rest

Stress Management and Balance

Family, Friends, Social Support

Significant Other, Partner

Sense of Purpose and Meaning

Personal and Professional Growth

Fun and Leisure

Physical Environment

Financial Wellbeing

For years, researchers have studied the impacts of each of these areas on our well-being and we are now beginning to understand how each of these areas can significantly impact our physical, mental and emotional well-being.  

The fall always feels like a fresh starting point for new beginnings, at least to me.  That’s why I decided to devote a post to each of the above areas for the season, starting with the next one.  

My hope is that, by exploring each in more depth, we might get a clearer sense of what is working well for us and what we might want to develop further so that we can function at our best every day!  Stay tuned!

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