Long ago, the ancients often preached that the best medicine that existed was healthy food, fresh air, and peace of mind. In today’s world, we have become accustomed to consuming processed foods, with few or no nutrients, many of us are missing out on the benefits of nature, and we seem to spend more and more time in front of our computer screens. If we get sick, we go to the doctor and may be given a range of medicines to treat our symptoms. Often enough, it seems that we have completely forgotten one of these – the food we eat.

Food being necessary for survival, it makes sense that we eat what gives us the most nutrients we need to feel and be at our best.  

Nutrient-rich foods, with their endless benefits, not only sustain life but are often considered to be a form of medicine all around the world. This certainly does not mean that food should be used as a replacement for necessary medical interventions; instead, it means that we should eat food that helps us take in the nutrients that promote health, prevent disease, and may reverse unhealthy conditions of our body. 

How a good diet can prevent disease. 

If you look at food as fuel for the body it makes sense to provide it with the best possible nourishment to keep it running efficiently.  If you want to keep yourself healthy, and your energy high, it is essential to keep a check on what you eat and the ingredients it contains.

Being that we have so many choices when it comes to our food, choosing food that not only fills us and tastes good but can also make us healthier and prevent disease is the smart way to go.  Here are a few of those smart choices:

Super Foods:

Foods that offer high nutritional value and contain the vitamins and minerals necessary to support good health and functioning are often referred to as superfoods.

Sweet Potatoes:

Despite being grown in various parts of the world, sweet potatoes are not as widely consumed as other types of potatoes. However, this often-overlooked food contains one of the best mixtures of nutrients such as fiber, minerals, and vitamins A and C, which can improve health and help fight disease.

Sweet potatoes can provide benefits such as better gut health, sharper vision, healthy blood pressure, boosted immunity, stronger memory, and a reduced risk of cancer. They can be prepared in a variety of delicious ways. With all these benefits, sweet potatoes are an excellent addition to your grocery list.


Despite their often being served as a side dish, beans carry a lot of essential nutrients and are often served as an alternative to meat because of the high amount of protein they contain.

As a meat alternative, beans provide your body with necessary protein, fiber and minerals. Compared to meat, beans contain zero fat, thus helping you get all the benefits with no risk of fat-based diseases.  Try kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, black beans.


Being an exotic fruit, pomegranate is not regarded as a mainstream fruit staple but is a delicious way to provide your body with antioxidants and nutrients that can protect against some diseases such as cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and digestive issues.


With its shrub-like shape, broccoli is a green vegetable that contains a lot of health benefits.  Broccoli contains antioxidants and nutrients that can help to keep bones healthy, fight cancer, reduce cholesterol, provide increased immunity, and lessen risk of heart disease. These are benefits that make broccoli a great addition to your meal planning. Try it in a stir fry or as a side dish sauteed with garlic and olive oil.


I hope this article will help you in understanding the role that healthy unprocessed nutrient-dense food plays in your health and inspires you to begin to try to include these superfoods into your diet and maybe be inspired to investigate others!

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