In my last post, I explored how a pleasant and healthy home environment creates positive energy and affects our physical and mental wellbeing.  I am offering a few more ideas today in Part II. 

  1. Make Your Space Appealing to You.

This almost seems like a no-brainer, but have you really taken the time to make sure your home is a comfortable and pleasant place to be? What suits your lifestyle at this point in time?  Your preferences can vary based on your stage of life. What works for you and your family will be different when you have young children, or if you’re an empty nester or again if you’re single. What colors give you a feeling of comfort and calm?  Is it important to you to bring the outside in with greenery?  Do you love fresh flowers?  Take the time to ensure that your home is a true reflection of your family and of yourself.

  1. Use Music.

The benefits of music are many.  It can decrease stress and improve mood. It can create an environment of calm or energy.  Listening to classical music or ambient instrumental pieces can help improve focus, productivity and problem-solving.  You really can create any atmosphere you want with the right music. 

  1. Add Color.

Color can play a huge role in wellbeing. Bring colors into your home that reflect you and your personality. The right colors can change the very essence of a home.

For example, if yellow is your favorite color, make sure to add some elements of it here and there. Maybe pale yellow curtains in your bedroom, or a set of yellow coffee cups.  Adding in your favorite colors to your home means adding it into your life. Artwork and paintings can also set a tone or be a focal point for a particular room.

Basically, to make your living space a healthy one, add elements that make you feel happy!

  1. Have a Corner Just for You.

We all need time for ourselves now and then. A space where we can read or just take some time to decompress from our busy lives. Having a corner that is yours alone can be just the thing you need for those times.

You can really do this anywhere you have a small space – a corner in your bedroom, living room, or even your office. Have a comfy chair, a small table, a light, and maybe scented candles for your space. Try a mini-library there, a journal and favorite pen, or craft supplies if that’s something you enjoy.  

  1. Add Scent.

Scented candles can not only add a delicious fragrance but are also a simple way to enhance the ambiance of a space.  Diffusing essential oils – lavender, for example -add a subtle scent to a space that can be calming and comforting.  Lemon essential oil is a great way to add freshness to a kitchen, and sandalwood oil is thought to be grounding.  Experiment with what works for both you and your family.  

I hope you have found an idea or two here or in my last post that you can use to make your home more inviting and special. Let me know if you have a favorite one!