I’ve been thinking recently and realized that, especially over the last few years, your needs, goals and priorities may have shifted. So I want to turn the tables this time and ask you: What do you need most right now? What topics are important to you? While I plan for the upcoming year, I want to be sure that I am delivering on what you need and most want to know about. To that end, I offer the following food for thought.

Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

  • What, if anything, has shifted for you over the last few years? This could be goals, priorities, values.
  • What is/isn’t working for you at this time?
  • What would you like to change about your current circumstances?
  • If you were able to make a meaningful change or reach an important goal, what would that mean for you?
  • What resources or topics would help you move forward this year?
  • What would add the most value to your life right now?

I would so appreciate it if you might consider these questions and drop me a note at suzanne@evergreenlifeandwellness.com or on my Evergreen Life and Wellness Facebook page. I want these bi-monthly messages to be relevant and useful for you!

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