Because it’s summer and vacations are on the horizon for many of us, I thought it was a good time to talk about staying fit on vacations, something which some of us struggle with at times. Taking breaks are essential to well being but not when it comes at the cost of taking breaks from prioritizing our health. Of course, we are going to sometimes splurge on vacations and holidays, and there will also be times when we may find it difficult to eat as healthfully as we would like to. If we’re being honest with ourselves, though, we can almost always find a salad with some veggies and protein these days.  If we’re going to be in an area where healthy options may not be available, we can always take along some snacks or protein bars just in case.  I’m not suggesting you deprive yourself of having some wonderful meals.  What I am saying is make good choices.  Splitting an entrée occasionally or having soup or salad with an appetizer are both alternative options. You’ll feel better, look better and have more energy. Plus, you won’t have to worry about losing those pounds you gained on vacation after you return home. 

Photo by Kay Liedl on Unsplash

Something I don’t take a vacation from is fitting in time for workouts.  I always try to stay at hotels that have a gym, so I can get in some cardio, or take a class.  If there is no gym, a good pair of running or walking shoes can be your best friend, and is a great way to see a new city. Hiking or biking gets you outdoors in nature which is good. I find that continuing my workout routine keeps me in good shape and my energy up when travelling.  I am also more mindful of staying on track with the healthy eating habits I’ve established for myself.  And, as at home, I just feel better when I’ve taken the time for exercise. When I read up on health and longevity, activity, movement is almost always at the top of the list.

I talk to lots of people – women and men – much like myself, and maybe much like you.  We work, we have families, we have friends and community activities and interests we love, and a sometimes long list of responsibilities and daily to-dos.   One thing I hear a lot is how hard it can be finding time for exercise, so I want to share something I’ve done for many years, and that I recommend to my clients.  Use your calendar!   Before the beginning of the week, I look at my schedule and plan the days/times for my workout and write them in.  And that’s it – once it’s on my calendar, I treat it like any other scheduled time.  It’s a done deal, and I don’t have to think about it again.  I usually try to work out first thing in the morning before I start my day, but if that isn’t possible, I schedule it in for a window of time I have later in the day.  The important thing is making it part of your life, and treating it like any other commitment you have.  It’s a mindset.  If finding time to exercise is a struggle for you, try making it part of your weekly schedule – write it down, and then make that time as much of a priority as any other commitment you have. 

When you prioritize yourself and your health on your to-do list, I promise you will find that everything else works better for you because you’re in the great shape you deserve to be in!

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