I’m writing this on July 7, 2024, and it is Ringo Starr’s 84th birthday today. I got to see him in concert last year with his All Starr Band – Edgar Winter, Steve Lukather of Toto, Hamish Stuart of Average White Band, and Colin Hay of Men at Work, all of them in their 70’s except Steve Lukather. A lot of people were interested in my last post about Mick Jagger and his fitness routine so I decided to dig a bit deeper into what some of these rock legends from the 60’s and 70’s are doing to stay fit and healthy.

First, the common denominator I found for everyone: They are still doing what they love and are good at, and I’m not sure that isn’t the most important thing. At Ringo’s concert, there were all ages and everyone was having a great time, maybe Ringo most of all. It was quite incredible. All of these guys are shattering what we thought of as “old age.”

Another characteristic they share: They all adhere to rigorous fitness routines, healthy diets and various wellness practices to keep them in the shape for their demanding tours and shows.

Here’s the scoop on a few of them:

Keith Richards and Ronny Wood of The Rolling Stones are known for their high-powered stage presence. Despite Richards’ well-documented rock ‘n’ roll past, he has adopted a more health-conscious approach in recent years. His fitness routine includes a blend of cardio and strength training. He reportedly prefers brisk walking and light weight workouts to keep his body agile. Additionally, he has cut back on his vices, focusing more on a balanced diet and regular exercise. Ronny Wood, on the other hand, practices yoga and engages in regular cardio exercises, including cycling and walking. Wood emphasizes the importance of mental health and incorporates meditation into his daily regimen, believing that a clear mind is as crucial as a fit body.

James Taylor, the folk-rock troubadour, has always prioritized his health, understanding the demands of long tours and performances. Taylor is an avid swimmer and believes in the therapeutic benefits of water. His routine involves swimming laps several times a week, which helps him maintain cardiovascular health and muscle tone. In addition to swimming, Taylor practices mindfulness and yoga, helping with stress management and maintaining flexibility. He attributes his calm demeanor and sustained energy to these.

Ringo Starr, is famously dedicated to his health and well-being. Starr follows a strict diet and fitness plan that belies his age. He practices yoga daily, which he credits for his longevity and flexibility. Starr also enjoys power walking and incorporates light weightlifting into his routine. His commitment to a vegetarian diet and regular exercise has kept him dynamic and energetic, allowing him to continue performing and touring.

Paul McCartney, another icon, shares a similar passion for fitness. McCartney has been a long-time advocate of vegetarianism, which complements his active lifestyle. His fitness routine includes a mix of cardio, weight training, and stretching exercises. McCartney enjoys running, often making time for it while on tour, and incorporates Pilates and yoga into his schedule to enhance his core strength and flexibility. His dedication to fitness and a balanced diet has been a cornerstone of his lasting vigor.

These legends demonstrate that maintaining a balanced fitness routine is crucial for longevity and vitality. Their commitment to health and wellness not only enhances their personal lives but also ensures they can continue to share their music with the world. Whether it’s through yoga, swimming, or strength training, they exemplify the importance of staying active and healthy at any age. Their routines serve as an inspiration to me and, I hope, to you!

Thanks for reading!

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