Suzanne Levy, a registered Mentor Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), is here to empower your coaching journey. Her ICF Mentor Coaching program offers a collaborative and enriching process that combines coaching and feedback to deepen your understanding and application of coaching skills. Through this transformative program, you will gain valuable insights, refine your proficiency in the ICF Core Competencies, and unlock your ability to deliver exceptional results.

Mentoring in this program focuses on helping you achieve and demonstrate the required levels of coaching competency and capability for your desired credential level. It takes place over an extended period, with a minimum duration of three months. This time frame allows for active listening, meaningful feedback from your Mentor Coach, and ample space for reflection and practice on your part.

The purpose of Mentor Coaching is to assess and enhance your understanding and mastery of coaching skills aligned with the ICF Core Competencies. Your Mentor Coach (Suzanne) will provide you with valuable feedback that you can apply directly in your coaching practice. It’s important to note that Mentor Coaching solely focuses on coaching skills and does not cover other areas like business development or coaching personal issues such as well-being or life balance.

During the Mentor Coaching program, you will also receive guidance on reviewing the ICF Code of Ethics, completing the Coach Knowledge Assessment, and fulfilling other credential requirements. The ultimate goal is to foster your continuous growth as a coach and support your progress toward the next credential level.<

Rest assured, Suzanne coaches following the highest standards set by the ICF for Professional Coaches. With her expertise and guidance, you’ll thrive as a coach and take your skills to new heights.

Mentor Coaching Fees

  • Individual sessions: $160 per 60-minute session
  • 10-session package: $1,500 for a set of 10 60-minute sessions

For any inquiries or clarifications regarding mentor coaching or the credentialing process, please feel free to reach out to Suzanne directly. She’ll be more than happy to assist you.