“Happiness is the joy we feel while striving for our potential.” ~ Shawn Achor

Unleash Your Inner Strengths and Unlock Peak Performance with my Personal Lifestyle Program Custom-Crafted to Your Individual needs.

Suzanne Levy believes in the power of positive psychology and the importance of inner well-being as the cornerstone of an empowered life. Rooted in the science of Positive Psychology, she upholds the idea that everyone craves meaningful, fulfilling lives and aims to nurture the best within themselves.

Suzanne’s mission? To collaborate with you, spotlight the innate resources you already have, and guide you towards a life where you’re not just surviving – you’re thriving and performing at your peak! She helps you harness your unique ‘signature strengths’ and vital values as the catalyst to propel you forward.

She equips you with a toolkit of proven strategies, robust support, and expert guidance, all in a confidential and individualized setting. With Suzanne, you get to leapfrog ahead faster than you could ever do alone. You’re the captain of this ship – you set the course!

Together, you’ll chart out a step-by-step plan to power through your journey with confidence, all geared toward turning your dreams and aspirations into reality.

Grab a Free 30-Minute Consultation with Suzanne Levy!

This 30-minute consultation is your first step towards deciding if a lifestyle design journey with Suzanne is your perfect match. As your personal lifestyle architect, Suzanne is all in, dedicated to helping you tap into your own inner strengths. She’s there to guide you toward reaching your goals and priming you to thrive in every aspect of life. Curious? Excited? Contact Suzanne to schedule your complimentary consultation.


Achieve Your Personal Goals 1:1 Session – (1 session, but can offer packages)

Unlock your full potential with Suzanne’s Personal Goals coaching session. Perfect for anyone feeling stuck or unsure, Suzanne offers you the opportunity to gain clarity, create a vision, harness your strengths, and navigate through obstacles.

Experience the transformative power of this single 1:1 session with the option to customize a package, perfectly designed to fit your unique circumstances and precise requirements.

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Achieve a Life in Balance 1:1 Program – (10 sessions package)

Embark on a journey towards a balanced life with Suzanne’s holistic wellness program. Learn to optimize nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management, and develop a custom, sustainable wellness plan. Perfect for those ready for lasting lifestyle changes, Peak Performance, and need support and accountability.

With Suzanne’s 10 session 1:1 program, you will Achieve a Life in Balance.

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Evergreen Lifestyle Design 1:1 Program – (this is 4 sessions, but not limited to)

Kickstart a healthier routine anytime with Suzanne’s  Evergreen Lifestyle Design program. In just four sessions, design a personalized wellness plan tailored to your unique lifestyle and gain support to make lasting changes. Ideal for those who are committed to wellness and seek planning, support, and accountability.

Embark on the 4 session Evergreen Lifestyle Design 1:1 Program, adaptable to your needs for further extension if required.

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