Suzanne has worked with some of the best and brightest in their fields. Read what they have to say…

Zahava Savory

Concord, MA

I am consistently astonished by Suzanne’s ability to listen to a brief description of a challenge or problem and cut right to the heart of the matter. Suzanne’s coaching style is simultaneously empathetic and pragmatic. It doesn’t matter whether the subject matter is professional or personal; practical or emotional, Suzanne ‘gets it’ and responds with questions and strategies that open up new perspectives and opportunities. No matter how much time I have invested in a goal or objective, a session with Suzanne always leaves me with new ideas and inspiration. If you’re considering working with a life coach, you couldn’t find a better resource.

Christopher Spaulding Ph.D.

Weston, CT

“All I can say is ‘wow’. Suzanne was more than a good coach. There were a series of things I knew I needed to do to get myself in sync with my wellness goals. These were things that I never thought I ‘would’ or ‘could’ do, but nonetheless, things I knew I ‘should’ do. Well, now they are done, and part of my life. They are not a temporary ‘gimmick’, or short term fixes, but real lasting changes. I know, I will not fall back into the undesirable patterns because with Suzanne’s help, I now understand why I got stuck in those patterns. All in all, I could not be happier. I would not hesitate to direct anyone with unfulfilled wellness goals to Suzanne’s thoughtful, skillful and attentive care.”

Jonette V.

Denver, CO

Suzanne’s coaching skills and resources, along with her personable manner and commitment, provided me with the successful direction I needed in my work with her. Her ethics and high integrity go without saying. I am blessed and thankful to have had her as my life coach.

Teresa Brown

Conifer, CO

“I attended Suzanne’s class ‘Discovering Your Strengths’ and I was amazed at how much I discovered about myself. Suzanne taught me what my strengths were and how to use them in my daily life. I found the class uplifting and fulfilling. I was shown characteristics that I was aware of, and unaware of, and learned how to use them. I walked away from the class with a new insight and with knowledge of how to use the powers I was born with. “

Tammi M. Cook


“Suzanne is truly a gifted coach. Through listening intently to what I was saying (and not saying) she identified areas where my progress was blocked. Using her intuition and asking insightful questions, she helped me create awareness around these areas. She helped me to look at my situation in a different light, and craft a personalized path to success based on my strengths and values. Thanks to Suzanne I am living a more mindful and holistically fulfilling life. “

Margaret Dane, Ccht, IYN Yoga Elder

London, UK

“I would recommend Suzanne Levy to anyone who wants to improve their life with the assistance of a life coach. Suzanne’s professionalism, sensitivity, ability to listen and assess the overall situation, identify blocks, and devise a workable and successful plan of action makes working with her a life changing experience.”

Elizabeth James, PhD

Conifer, Colorado

“Suzanne has a high level of care towards her clients. This attribute really shines through when she is teaching and learning with others. She is able to honestly approach her client’s needs with kindness and candor. I would recommend Suzanne Levy to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle and wellbeing.

It can be a fearful endeavor to push toward personal improvement, but Suzanne made my experience inspiring! Before the workshop, I was stuck in a proverbial rut of frozen non-action, but Suzanne was able to gently guide me through and out of the mire. For anyone who may be seeking more empowering direction, I heartily endorse Suzanne’s coaching abilities.”

Heather Smith, M.A.

Denver, CO

“I found the Entrepreneur and Small Business Development Workshop helpful in a number of ways. The course provided structure to help me move forward with marketing strategies and other necessary business tasks and helped make these tasks achievable. The support of the coaches and other students provided a sense of community and wonderful encouragement. I received valuable insights and feedback regarding my business. I was also able to create a realistic and tangible plan for my professional dream and feel like I am on the way to creating the business I want. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone trying to start up their own business or grow their existing business. I would be happy to share my experience in this course with potential future students.”

Liz Mount

Golden, CO

“Suzanne does a great job helping you understand what your character strengths are and how you can use those strengths to improve your life, personally as well as professionally. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Whether you want to advance in business or work on some personal goals, I highly recommend Suzanne to help you move forward with your life!”

Julianne Davidow, CMC, ACC

ADD Mindfulness Coaching Attention, Creativity, Career

“Suzanne Levy is a compassionate, caring, and highly trained coach, whose presence and commitment has supported me in my life and work. As a coach myself, I value her expertise, and her ability to meet me where I am in any given session. She has a knack for gently guiding me in the direction I have indicated I need to follow. With her encouragement and support, I have been able to move forward at my own pace. Suzanne is continually studying, learning, and gaining more knowledge in coaching and related fields. I highly recommend Suzanne as a personal and professional coach.”

Erika Lynn Roberts

Sedona, Arizona

“Suzanne is the real deal. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Professional, well-rounded, intuitive, and compassionate. We coached around career, relationship, and health, and she was fantastic!!! Thanks so much Suzanne! I feel so blessed and grateful for our connection!”

Maurissa Moore, Senior Capstone Project & Link Crew Coordinator

Evergreen High School, Evergeen CO

“Some people are born to teach and inspire others, and Suzanne is a born teacher. I know this because I too am a teacher, and Suzanne has mentored several of my high school students as they set meaningful goals and completed their senior projects. Suzanne’s approach is practical and understandable, and I’ve enjoyed seeing how much my students have grown and accomplished because of Suzanne’s guidance. I am grateful for Suzanne’s work with my students, as I know they are now better and happier people because of her. Her work has also inspired me to make positive changes in my teaching and my life.”

Rita Emmer

Evergreen, CO

“Suzanne’s ‘Discovering Your Strengths’ class was one of the best and most practical classes I’ve ever taken….and I’ve taken a lot of classes. The class made me aware of my top strengths (interest in the world, optimism and future-mindedness, humor and kindness) and encouraged me to use those strengths in whatever I wanted to change. I leveraged those strengths to have a healthier relationship with my boyfriend and my parents but ALSO to break through some of the blocks I had accomplishing some of the things that I really needed to accomplish. My house had become an organizational disaster area, and it’s now 90% clean and organized, I’m getting along with people with whom there was stress previously, I’m spending real quality time with both my Mom and Dad, I’m really enjoying my volunteer activities because I’m bringing more humor and fun into them. I can’t even begin to quantify the value this class has brought into my life!”

Jody Ostendorf

Denver, Colorado

“Suzanne Levy provided invaluable mentor coaching during my path to an International Coach Federation (ICF) credential. Her expertise as a master coach was evident at every session. Suzanne provided feedback that was specific, measurable and impactful. She related the feedback to the core competencies for ICF certification, which served to reinforce the learning. Importantly, when Suzanne offered suggestions to strengthen my coaching practice, she did so with compassion and warmth. Overall, Suzanne made the mentor coaching process enjoyable and I am grateful for our time together.”

Phil B.

Colorado Springs, CO

“I highly recommend Suzanne Levy as your partner and guide to complete the requirements for mentor coaching. I offer my observations that she brings professionalism, humor, and a wealth of knowledge to every situation. She projects and holds a supportive and creative environment that weaves all aspects of coaching skills and competencies into the conversation. Suzanne’s talent of listening with depth and patience leads her to dynamic questions which provided me with new perspectives, a deeper level of knowledge, and insights that will positively impact my coaching practice. Engage with Suzanne – she possesses a nimble mind, an agile intellect, and a gift for connection. You and your clients will be stronger.”


Aurora, CO

“Suzanne embodies the coaching spirit & her experience & knowledge is evident as a mentor coach. As my guide mentor she recognized my strengths as well as areas for growth. She provided clear & relevant feedback in line with ICF’s competencies. Suzanne provides a safe & open space that allows for growth. Her approach is gentle but direct with a sprinkle of humor. She brings balance in her ability to listen attentively, ask meaningful questions while leaving space for awareness. Suzanne is organized & responsive & made the overall coaching engagement easy to navigate. I highly recommend Suzanne as a mentor coach.”